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QTA Partner with TikTok

Things have been busy over here at QTA HQ. We’ve joined forces with TikTok, signing a partnership deal to help find, develop and manage Live creators in the UK!

The deal sees us become one of only five agencies in the UK to be part of the programme. This speaks to the work we have done in both creating one of the UK’s largest partnership networks and the strategic bet we made in choosing TikTok as a key focus area for our clients and our influencers.

“Excited” would be an understatement as we look forward to having the opportunity to work with hundreds of Live creators during this partnership. Both the partnership and the influencer roster will directly link with the work we execute for our clients and we’re already drawing up some exciting ways we can leverage the deal to unlock new growth opportunities for our customers. 

TikTok Live is a new feature on the video platform allowing creators to further monetise their accounts by receiving cash gifts from their audience. It will help creators connect directly with fans that love their work and allow them to support their efforts. This allows creators to build authentic, deep relationships with their followers, rather than being pressured to optimise against their interests in order to monetise from ad revenue. It also opens the door for a whole new genre of creators to exist. Whether it’s going live whilst you prepare your evening meal or reinventing the news for a younger audience, like award winning News presenter, Warren Nettleford. The opportunities are endless.


Our deep influencer network and unique data driven approach to the social space is what helped us land the deal. We’re now heavily leaning into both of these areas, using our technology to suggest content ideas, identifying peak presenting times and helping creators expand their reach and engagement. 

If you’d like to find out more about this partnership and how we can help you leverage the power of influencers and social media, get in touch below.

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