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Xoogler Party in Shoreditch February 2023

Xoogler Party in Shoreditch February 2023

QTA brings together UK’s tech heavy hitters for an evening of networking, talks and music at one of London’s hottest contemporary art galleries. 

On the 9th of February we hosted the UK Xoogler community at D’Stassi Gallery, London for an evening of music, art, and networking. 

The Xoogler community is made up of over 25,000 ex-googlers, who after their time at Google have gone on to start some of the most successful companies and startups in the world – think Instagram, Open Sea, and more. The network also features an impressive line up of investors, CEOs and AI experts. 

Our founder, Sal Mohammed, is the lead for the Xoogler UK community and is responsible for helping the network with growth, investment and coordinating community outreach projects. When he suggested we host the UK Xoogler winter gathering, we knew it would be the perfect opportunity to springboard our new series of QTA events. 

QTA events are about creating meaningful connections. We aim to curate a space that facilitates discussions and opportunities regarding new and upcoming projects and businesses, all while having some fun in the process. No name tags in sight! Safe to say, this was definitely achieved at D’Stassi Gallery. 

We promised our invitees fun, music, drinks and art but also a special guest speaker. We asked Sam Jones, CEO of Gener8, to join us as our guest speaker for the evening. Sam and Sal had a Q&A session during the evening to the audience of Xooglers where Sam provided some great nuggets of wisdom as well as interesting and insightful information on himself and what led him to pursue the creation of Gener8. 

The formality of business and networking events has been successfully shaken off and we are looking forward to hosting more QTA events over the next year, each one in a unique and open setting, facilitating natural discussions and hopefully creating a few partnerships in the process.

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