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We help tech companies grow through strategic partnerships.

Leverage our people, tech and network to build world-class commercial partnerships

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Why do it alone when you can have a team of battle-scarred partnerships experts support you?


We were executing partnerships at Google where each of us would have a support team of 8 when we asked, what if every company had access to a full partnership platform like this?

In a world where startups are spending 40% of their funding on ads, QTA  offers startups the people, strategy and support to make partnerships a significant part of your revenue. 

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Which best describes you?

"Looking to kick off  partnership activity"

"Need support for your existing team"

Partnership Specialisms 

Sell Through

There are companies that would love to add your products to their offerings. We bring you the perfect match and ensure the technology, operations and support layers are all there.

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours? Reciprocal marketing agreements are great for reaching large databases and we're experts in generating conversions off the back of them.

Not only do we have a UK leading partnership with TikTok and an army of influencers, we also have close relationships with the world's largest affiliate networks such as Rakuten.

Channel programmes
AI Integrations

We've ran Channel Programmes at Google and some of the UK's largest agencies. We can work with you to create your own world-class partnership programme and help you onboard partners.

Partnerships are always moving, as is the methodology you need to apply them to ensure success. We've built a comprehensive training course that we can deliver across multiple workshops to ensure your team is using leading practices and optimising their activity.

We’ve been pioneering AI integrations since 2019. The technology has become more powerful and the need to embed platforms into your operations has never been greater. We're here to help!

Powering the partnerships revolution

Some of the best startups, corporates and VCs rely on us to power their partnerships. 

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