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Struggling to get enough resources to develop and grow a world class partnerships programme? Let’s work together.

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Comprehensive support, tailored approach.

There simply isn't a better way for a startup to do partnerships than with QTA. It's not us boasting, it's simply the awkward set up required to make partnerships work. 

The QTA Platform


World class partnerships strategies are what we do. Using experts that have launched big deals in your vertical, we will build a plan around your unique growth drivers and leverage our network to make deals happen fast. 

A world class team batting for you

We’re industry thought leaders that have delivered at some of the world’s biggest tech companies, but we’re built with a startup mindset. We’re scrappy, efficient and speak regularly on partnerships innovation

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Technology beyond the best corporates

We have a dedicated tech team that build partnership tech and integration features that just wouldn’t make sense for any other company to build. It translates as quicker, more streamlines launches.

A network that puts you on the map

Our founder leads the 5000 strong London chapter of the Ex Google network, all partner managers have extensive networks and we power the UK Partnerships Network. Put simply, we’re able to surface you opportunities typically reserved to the world’s largest companies. 

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3 months

Average time for first partnership to launch


Partnership revenue generated for clients


Partnerships Per Year Launched via QTA

We're admired by VCs and Industry Leaders

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Are you ready to make partnerships magic?

We love to talk shop. Even if you just want some free advice, drop us a message. 

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