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We take good TikTok Live creators and make them impossible to ignore. 


What we do

Take your lives to the next level

Whether you’re new to the world of lives or a coin guzzling pro, our creative team and analytics stacks will manage you towards your full potential.


Blow Up

Not feeling the love for all the work you’re putting in? We’ll pull out all the stops to make your lives are being seen world over. We’ll sit down and build you a data driven strategy to reach the right audience.

Cash in

You don’t do it for the cash, but a pretty cheque doesn’t hurt right? Revenue generation is our thing and we’ll make sure you’re properly paid with some industry leading tactics. 


Take Over

Once you’re bossing it, the only thing left is to take over and expand. Your team will bring you opportunities that could take your personal brand to new heights. 

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