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About QTA.

Simplifying Growth


We created QTA because of two fundamental issues big enough for our founder to leave Google to solve.


To us it was clear that business growth doesn’t happen in isolation, yet every company seems to profess their product is the silver bullet you need, rather than a piece of an intricate jigsaw. A great marketing plan will do nothing if your customer journey sucks.

The second is big companies have all the toys that smaller companies need. In the same way income inequality is increasing across nations, a similar pattern is occurring in business. Corporates are 0.1% of businesses, but now account for 49% of private sector revenues - and 70% of all business growth!


It really is David vs Goliath out there. Except we didn’t see a slingshot in sight, so we thought we’d built QTA.


Our mission is to arm businesses with the knowledge, tools and tactics large corporates have enjoyed for so long. After speaking to you, our experts team up with our technology to dig out the data and insights to create the best strategies for your business.


If you’re an ambitious, growth hungry business, we’ll help you connect the pieces of the jigsaw, but most importantly, unearth your USP’s to ensure yours doesn’t look like anybody else's.


There’s no jargon, there’s no over bloated white papers to read and never use, just simple steps to make your business go from 0 to 1.


Check out our services to and book a meeting, quickly, of course.

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